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The Human Firewall

As spammers have graduated from simple Nigerian Prince SPAM emails to sophisticated Spear Phishing attacks, there hasn’t been as big a corresponding technology shift to stop this new attack. SPAM filtering continues to stop hundreds of emails a day to each user’s inbox, but the more sophisticated attacks will continue to get through. This is where the Human Firewall comes in.

In the past people have always relied on technology to stop malware and virus from coming into their network. This was great prior to laptop computers and when everyone worked in the same office. Now people work from home, the coffee shop, and a myriad of other places all connecting to their data in the cloud. The attacks have changed from trying to get past the corporate firewall to getting past the user and onto their machine.

Security departments are taking notice and are developing strategies to help end users understand these threats and help spot and stop them. They are not turning them into security experts, but we are giving them the basic tools to spot spam that contains links to malware or trying to convince someone to wire money or click a link. This has the added benefit of not only helping keep your employees safe in the office, but also at home. An employee, many times, is all that stands between you and the hackers. Let’s give them the tools they need to protect the company and themselves.

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