Password Management

I have a lot of passwords. In fact I have 194 of them.  But remembering 194 of something is tough, and we typically don’t make our passwords something that can be remembered easily.  One way we try to make this easier is to use the same password for multiple accounts.  But this is not secure.  If someone hacks your Facebook account, they now have the password to your email account, and probably your bank account too.

So how about making a list of all your passwords?  Maybe a post-it note on your monitor, or on a piece of paper that you hide under your keyboard.  This sounds pretty clever but (more…)

Can I Use a Mac Computer at Work?

Tech Blog - Mac LogoI have a Mac computer at home and love it.

For those of us that have fallen in love with the Apple computers, it seems there has always been a big disconnect between using a Mac computer in the office versus using one at home. (Unless you are graphics designer).

Here is a list of commonly used programs that run just as well on a Mac as they run on a PC in your office:


Saving to PDF Format in Microsoft Office

Starting as an add-in with Microsoft Office 2007 and incorporated as out-of-the-box functionality in Office 2010, users have the ability to save files directly to PDF format. This post will provide step-by-step instructions to show you how to utilize this feature.

Microsoft Office 2007 Users

  1. Download the Microsoft Office 2007 ‘Save As PDF’ Add-in and save the file to your hard disk (SaveAsPDFandXPS.exe).
  2. Double-click the saved file (SaveAsPDFandXPS.exe) to launch the installer.
  3. When prompted, check “Click here to accept the Microsoft Software License Terms.” and press “Continue”.
    Microsoft Addin Office 2007 - Accept Agreement (more…)