Creating Your Own Vulnerabilities

This past week I went to DerbyCon, which is a security conference in Louisville, KY.  Whenever I go to these conferences I learn something new.  This time was no exception.  I went to a talk by Ben Ten, who is a Penetration Tester, but before this he did cyber defense.  Ben’s main point was that many times he is able to gain access to the company’s assets without ever using an exploit.


Understanding the Importance of Patch Management and How It Works

The security of today’s information systems go far beyond the general protection measures that were once considered to provide ample security against intrusion.For many companies that are implementing new technologies one of the top priorities during the planning phase is security. There are many different aspects that define the overall security of a company’s infrastructure, one of which is patch management.



How Hackers Use Backdoors to Access a Network

Backdoors are a method that hackers use to establish unauthorized access to a network from a remote location.  Hackers use backdoors as a means of gaining repeated access to a network without being logged by the systems administrator.  This type of network intrusion hides its presence while the hacker is actually using the network without the knowledge of others.

How Backdoors Work

Hackers gain access to a network by (more…)