Another day, Another Breach

“Another day, another breach”.  A colleague said that to me the other day in response to a database of 560 million passwords that surfaced online.  This got me thinking about passwords again.

Every time I read a security blog or newspaper article about passwords, at some point they will ask the question.  Are passwords dead?  Meaning are we going to start using biometrics, heuristics, etc. instead of passwords.  Nobody likes passwords.  They are a pain to remember, and now people like me are telling you that you need a different one for every website!

Unfortunately, passwords are not going away.  Biometrics is not a good alternative because you can’t change them.  If someone gets your biometric data, then they have your password.  Heuristics could be a good alternative but it isn’t ready for prime time yet to replace your password.  So, if passwords are not going away, what should I do to keep myself safer?  Well, there are several things you can do, and one of them you already know.


Data Backup: A Life Saver

Lightning can strike any time, and in any form. It can be a power surge leaving your hard disk useless or an over flooded bathroom sink leaving your equipment blown out. It can also be as simple as lack of attention. Whatever the deal is, it will certainly bring one question to your mind – do you have a backup of your data? Sadly the answer usually is no. Many people lose several months and sometimes years of work in such situations.

Why you need a Backup

A backup is your safety net in case of a disaster. Data can be lost due to corruption such as unauthorized access, viral spyware, accidents and mistakes. Any of these can happen any time and cause you problems and not to mention – mental stress. To avoid such difficult situations it is best to get a (more…)

Tips on Choosing a Strong Password

Passwords are a method of security. Whether you want to protect your computer, network or your social account, password protection is necessary. Installing a password is not as simple as people think. There are millions of hackers having password cracking tools which can crack thousands of passwords within seconds. There are several tips on how to choose a strong password.

First of all, it is advised that you do not use passwords like (more…)