Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer “Zero Day” Vulnerability Security Update

Microsoft has released an out-of-band security update to address the latest Internet Explorer “Zero-Day” vulnerability, as of 1PM on Thursday, May 1st, 2014. The patch has been fully tested and is ready to be released for all affected browsers. Despite previous reports, Microsoft will be releasing the security update for Microsoft XP users.

How do I download the patch for the “Zero Day” Vulnerability?

As a reminder to all Thrive Managed Patching, ThriveCloud, and ThriveProtect customers, this patch will automatically be applied to your machine once we have tested it and approved it for release. You should continue to use other web-browsers until notified that you have been patched.

If you are a Thrive Managed Firewall customer, you have been protected from this vulnerability as long as you are behind your company’s corporate firewall.

For more information about Thrive’s Managed Patching and Managed Firewall Services, please visit our website.

This is a follow up to Thrive previous blog: “What you need to know about the Microsoft Internet Explorer “Zero-Day” Vulnerability

How to Fix ActiveX Errors on Facebook

ActiveX is a Microsoft technology that allows users to interact with website content through the use of multiple ActiveX technologies.  Developers with expertise in ActiveX create the technology in different types of languages and a variety of tools to boost the Web browsing experience with enhanced interactivity.  ActiveX is exclusive to Microsoft and is used with the Internet Explorer browser.

Although ActiveX helps to improve interactivity on website it can also be the culprit (more…)