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Snap Away – Two Invaluable Business Apps!

Do you collect business cards and throw them in a drawer in case you ever need them?  Would you like to be able to connect with the person on LinkedIn and get them into your contacts in one action?  Do you have documents that you would like scanned, but do not have a scanner readily available?  If so, we will show you two different methods in which you can capture these types of information on your smart phone. 

The first app is the Microsoft Pix app which is currently only available on Apple iOS devices.  There are many features that let you enhance normal pictures, but the real value comes in the ability to take a picture of a business card and create a contact based on the information that is on the card.  To take it a step further you can click on a button that does a quick linked search for the person and lets you send a message to get connected to the person.

The second app we will cover is Microsoft Office Lens, which is available on Apple iOS or Android and is also included in the Microsoft One Note mobile app.  Microsoft Office Lens let you snap pictures of Whiteboards, Documents, Business Cards, or just take a normal photo.  The result is not just a picture, but an image that is automatically cropped and only includes the items you want to see.  The real power comes in the many different places that the image can be saved (Photo Library, PDF, One Note, One Drive, Word, PowerPoint) and many more that are dependent on the apps you may have install