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The Right Cyber Security Partner to Safeguard Your Business

With more companies managing a remote workforce, cyber threats are top-of-mind. Remotely bridging laptops, tablets, mobile phones and other wireless devices to corporate computer networks exposes businesses to all types of Cyber Security and cloud security threats. Thrive knows how to keep your business safe from advanced threats, including malicious software, to servers and workstations.

Thrive’s best-in-class IT Cyber Security solutions help prevent both network-based, and social-based cyber attacks. With an unmatched portfolio of cyber security services, Thrive delivers the experience, resources, and expertise needed to create a Cyber Security plan that protects your vital and sensitive data, SaaS applications, security programs, computer systems, end users, personal information, and critical infrastructure from unauthorized access.

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What Is Your Security Risk Exposure?

Did you know it takes organizations around 6 months to identify breaches? That amount of time with unprotected data can be detrimental to businesses in financial, healthcare, legal, education, government sectors, and more. We understand the stakes are high with these highly regulated industries. Failure to meet HIPAA and financial regulations can result in serious penalties such as fines, contract loss, or even a license withdrawal. In addition, it’s a big undertaking to meet all the legal and operational obligations, including compliance audits, access management, data encryption, network and computer security training, implementing new technology and more while protecting data.

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Stay Ahead of Breaches with Thrive

Backed by 24×7 monitoring and industry-leading security technology, Thrive does all the heavy lifting to deliver proven comprehensive protection for your business in real time via multi-layered end user protection to detect threats and mitigate breaches. We create a custom and holistic end security solution specific for your business to safeguard sensitive information in the Cloud and at all end-user access points.

Stop breaches and prevent data theft and ransomware damage in real time automatically. Take the next step to learn more about how Thrive can protect your business so you can focus on your customers.

NextGen Cyber Security Solutions

As the leading provider of NextGen technology services, Thrive offers leading-edge Cyber Security solutions and services designed to meet the needs of your business.

Thrive’s comprehensive Cyber Security solutions include:

Managed NextGen Firewall & Unified Threat Management

Thrive’s Managed NextGen Firewall service provides perimeter security and network performance that meets the requirements of any size SMB or Enterprise client. The service is delivered on the Fortinet Fortigate™ Next Generation Firewall platform which offers a robust set of security features with unmatched Unified Threat Management capabilities — all monitored and managed 24x7x365 by Thrive’s Network and Security Operations teams.

Optional Managed NextGen Firewall Services include:

  • Intrusion Prevention Service
  • Application Control and Web Filtering
  • Gateway Antivirus and Antispam Email Security
  • Site to Site and Remote Access Virtual Private Networking
  • High Availability
  • Software-Defined Wide-Area Networking (SD-WAN)

Advanced Threat Protection

Managed SIEM-as-a-Service

As critical security issues continue to pose a 24×7 risk to enterprise technology systems, you need a comprehensive Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution that scales, can flexibly meet changing needs and demands, and provides clear, actionable information.

Powered by the robust Fortinet FortiSIEM platform, Thrive’s Managed SIEM-as-a-Service (SIEMaaS) offers a fully-managed and hosted SIEM solution. The solution collects data from hosts, network devices, applications, IoT nodes, and security platforms from within the organization in order to add real-time context and intelligent alerts for a more complete threat assessment.

Thrive’s Managed SIEMaaS also provides customizable reports that deliver insight into compliance, performance, availability, and security across every aspect of your mission-critical IT infrastructure.

The Thrive Managed SIEMaaS includes:

  • Data Collection Discovery
  • Dedicated Scheduled Thrive Security Team Reviews
  • Ongoing Assistance with Device Discovery and Alert Optimization
  • Report Bundle Creation
  • Customer Dashboard Creation
  • Customized Remediation Services

Vulnerability Management and Advanced Patching Service

Vulnerability Management is a key security control and formidable mitigation against security threats. Thrive’s Vulnerability Management and Advanced Patching service identifies software vulnerabilities through recurring scanning and analysis. Thrive’s Security Analysts consult with you to prioritize and address existing vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

Thrive’s Advanced Software Patching service provides proactive remediation of security vulnerabilities through scheduled vendor updates to operating systems and other software applications. Thrive’s engineers test and validate patches before they are applied to your servers and end-user workstations and apply the updates during scheduled patching windows.

Endpoint Security and Response

With the proliferation of sophisticated malware such as fileless attacks and zero-day executables, traditional signature based anti-virus and anti-malware technologies are unable to provide protection against these advanced threats and are reliant on updated signature databases of known threats.

Powered by Fortinet’s FortiEDR platform, Thrive’s Managed Endpoint Security and Response service provides proactive, real-time, fully automated security with orchestrated incident response across all devices covering current and legacy operating systems.

It is the ONLY endpoint protection platform that delivers threat protection both
pre- and post-infection in real time.

Here’s how Thrive’s Endpoint Protection and Response protects your business.

  • Protection, detection and remediation of file based and fileless malware
  • Real-time automated prevention of ransomware encryption
  • Data exfiltration detection and protection
  • Attacks surface reduction
  • Automated remediation
  • Off-line protection
  • Network traffic analysis
  • Direct link to alert Thrive’s 7x24x365 Security Operations Center on malicious or suspicious events
  • USB blocking functionality

End User and Workstation Security

Advanced Email Security

Thrive’s Advanced Email Security provides protection against email-borne threats such as viruses, malware, trojans, malicious URLs, and weaponized attachments. Inbound, outbound, and internal email messages are inspected, while unsafe or malicious content is automatically removed before it reaches your network. Sensitive and confidential information can be protected from accidental or intentional exposure through encrypted email and Data Loss Prevention technologies.

Thrive Anti-Phishing and Security Awareness Training

People are the weakest link in the security chain. Technology and policy can be overcome by mistakes and lack of situational awareness. Cyber security attacks including Phishing and Spear Phishing are common methods of social engineering that cybercriminals use to gain access to critical systems and data, easily bypassing security controls by obtaining access and credentials of legitimate users.

Thrive Anti-Phishing and Security Awareness Training ensures your employees understand the mechanisms of spam, phishing, spear phishing, malware, ransomware and social engineering using training materials and targeted user campaigns aimed at improving awareness of and response to security threats.

Cyber Security Bundle

Thrive’s End User Cyber Security Bundle leverages best-in-class security products from multiple security platforms to deliver a holistic end-user security solution that provides a multi-layer defense to protect your users from advanced threats.

  • Thrive Endpoint Security and Response
  • Email Security, Remediation & Continuity
  • Security & Phishing Awareness Training
  • Secure Web Gateway
The Right Cyber Security Partner to Safeguard Your Business

The Thrive Cyber Security Advantage

The Thrive team is comprised of IT experts with decades of experience managing security for the enterprise. We specialize in protecting the infrastructure, applications, and Cloud platforms that power your business with our Managed Security Suite of Services.

From essential security services to a deeper set of full-spectrum advanced engineering coverage, Thrive provides flexible options to meet any compliance- or security-driven mandates.

Advantages include:

  • Security Experts: Thrive’s Security Operations Centers (SOCs) are staffed by experienced Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSPs) and security professionals with decades of experience protecting mission critical infrastructure
  • Flexible Solutions: Unbundled managed services enable you to create a solution tailored to your exact needs, utilizing leading technology from Fortinet, Microsoft, Cisco, Mimecast, Arctic Wolf, Sophos, Tenable, and more
  • SOC Monitoring: Threats never rest, and neither do we. Thrive’s 24×7 SOCs monitor core critical infrastructure and security threats for businesses across the globe