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Server and Network Log Monitoring

Many of us wake up in the middle of the night in cold sweats thinking, do we really know what is happening within our network? This is normally after another story about how a large or small company was hacked and their data was stolen and strewn throughout the Internet. But then you resign yourself to the fact that your firewall will protect you and you go back to sleep.

Although your firewall is an indispensable part of your security posture, it isn’t the only way to protect yourself. Many people in the security industry describe security as an onion. It has multiple layers to protect you and give you time to find and fix the issue prior to something happening.

So while your firewall will protect you from bad people trying to get in, it is only as good as the rules that are configured. If you allow access to your wiki from the Internet, then your wiki is now available and can be hacked and potentially exploited. Even if it is properly secured there are always new vulnerabilities. So how do you protect against this?

One of the best options is logging. If you log what is happening on your server, you will notice failed login attempts, or errors that pop-up that are not normally there. This has the added benefit of catching a disgruntled or curious employee that is trying to get into places that they do not have permission to go.

These systems can be confusing and need to be constantly monitored, but they will also substantially increase your security posture. To learn how Thrive can implement a powerful cloud-based log management tool for your business, click here or contact your Thrive Account Manager today.