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Redefining Managed Services

Redefining Managed Services

The Software-Defined Era is transforming IT infrastructure. No longer is it about the component parts, but how these dynamically work with each other to deliver the end-to-end service to users, from the cloud to network edge. How this environment is configured, interoperates and self-optimises is changing the way we think about Managed Services.

Traditional IT Support, Maintenance and Managed Services no longer cut-it as we look for ways to augment skills sets, redefine lifecycle management and match infrastructure agility with commercial flexibility. At Thrive these are key areas we look to address with our managed services – let us explain.


As the software-defined era accelerates the separation of the hardware and software layers of our IT infrastructure, it no longer just about maintaining the individual components but managing the lifecycle of the holistic infrastructure to ensure compatibility, license utilisation and avoid end-of-life scenarios.

A key element of support and managed services is adding value to this lifecycle management; to create and maintain accurate asset registers of both hardware and software, consolidate and align contracts and proactively manage refresh cycles to not only deliver commercial value, but reduce business risk.

At Thrive we call this Double Red.  We help you to manage your IT infrastructure by focusing on two factors: first, the lifecycle stage of each component; is it within contract, is it nearing end-of-life, etc. The second factor is prioritising its business criticality. Both of these key insights enable you to make more informed decisions when managing the end-to-end lifecycle of your environment.


It may be an overused cliché, but at Thrive we focus on becoming the trusted partner of our customers and not just their outsourced provider. There are far too many outsourced support companies out there; we don’t want to add to this.  We want to make sure that for every customer we are able to add true value and by doing this, we benefit from enviable customer loyalty.

To us, adding value is not offering a set of rigid support services, but tailoring our proven managed services around the needs of our customers. We don’t want you to outsource your problem but to leverage the breadth and depth of expertise we have at Thrive to augment your own capability – to inject accredited skills in the areas you have gaps, to take the pressure off your IT team to enable them to focus on moving your IT services to the next level, and being the trusted advisor along every step of your journey.


All of the above falls down if the support and managed services being offered do not make commercial sense. This is where both the scale and financial stability of your managed service partner is critical.

At Thrive we believe we have both of these factors just right. We are of the size to be important to key vendors such as Cisco and we have that all important access directly to the vendor specialists to back-up our team while also having the economies of scale to deliver this level of service in a cost- effective manner.

Our longevity as a business and financial stability enables us to be both flexible in tailoring services to the specific requirements of our customers and in creating commercial terms that meets the needs of their business.

At Thrive we are very proud of our capability to not only support our customers but to deliver the value-adding, proactive managed services that they truly need. We would love to talk to you about your specific challenges and explore ways that Thrive can augment your team in delivering an exceptional IT experience to your business and your end-users. Learn more about Digital Transformation today.