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Navigating Smooth Waters: How Thrive Transformed Transmarine Navigation’s IT Landscape

Navigating Smooth Waters: How Thrive Transformed Transmarine Navigation’s IT Landscape
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Transmarine Navigation, part of the Horizon Group, specializes in providing port agency management services and addressing the requirements of shipping companies globally. This case study details how Thrive, a trusted technology partner, supported Transmarine Navigation in addressing a critical staffing gap, stabilizing its IT operations, and bolstering its cybersecurity resilience.

As a ship’s agency, Transmarine acts as a vital service provider for ships entering and exiting ports, ensuring seamless operations of cargo and port services throughout the maritime journey. However, an unexpected IT staffing departure caused waves in daily operations that could have had a destructive ripple effect across sea transport.

Why Thrive Was Chosen

“We decided to work with Thrive for our security and networking needs because we were impressed with its effectiveness and knowledge in these fields, which gave us confidence in its ability to deliver,” said Travis Sirmon, Director of Technology at Transmarine Navigation.

By partnering with Thrive, Transmarine avoided building internal teams and infrastructure for security and networking, opting for a plug-and-play solution instead. Thrive’s familiarity with Transmarine’s environment allowed it to seamlessly implement the necessary measures to ensure compliance on both the network and security fronts.

Thrive’s Strategic Deployment and Evolution

In the beginning, Thrive was instrumental in jumping in ASAP to handle Transmarine’s day-to-day service needs, helping solidify processes for the IT team and bolster our internal support operations. Thrive put together a support desk to give users a way to contact technical experts for help. Thrive also implemented the Microsoft 365 Admin Center to make it more efficient and effective. After stabilizing the internal support, Transmarine recognized Thrive had more to offer in terms of security and network management and opted to deepen the partnership. Transmarine tapped Thrive to optimize its IT infrastructure to make it more efficient and secure. Thrive then shifted into more of a 24/7 support partner for network and security, eventually passing the helpdesk back to the Transmarine team. “Thrive dove into our legacy equipment, guiding us through assessing our existing assets. They initiated firmware upgrades and enhancements, prompting us to entrust them to manage our hardware responsibilities,” added Sirmon.

Thrive’s Impact

Thrive’s impact on Transmarine Navigation extends far beyond mere technological enhancements. Thrive’s significant contribution was evident in Transmarine’s first Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) assessment, which showed remarkable improvement with triple the scores from the previous year. In an industry where security concerns loom large due to global vendor interactions with varying requirements, Thrive’s expertise in fortifying network infrastructure to protect Transmarine’s data and communications becomes indispensable.


Thrive’s partnership significantly alleviated the strain on Transmarine Navigation’s resources, allowing them to focus on serving their clients effectively. “Thrive’s unwavering support and effective communication underscore the importance of strong relationships in navigating IT obstacles, especially in higher-end networking and security,” said Jay Pearson, IT Support Specialist at Transmarine Navigation


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“Thrive’s significant contribution was evident in our first Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) assessment, where we saw a remarkable improvement, tripling our scores from the previous year. This surge in satisfaction directly reflects Thrive’s commitment to excellence and underscores their pivotal role in our vertical, particularly within the maritime and transportation sectors.” ~ Travis Sirmon, Director of Technology, Transmarine Navigation



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