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Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Working from Home

Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Working from Home

Many of us have been working from home for months, and as the remote workforce is larger than ever our business and technology practices are being challenged in new ways. Remote work happens differently at each organization.  Some of us are attached to corporate VPNs daily, others who use primarily cloud based platforms may not connect to VPNs at all.  This scenario creates new challenges for managing systems and deploying policies to workstations.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a technology that has been in place for years allowing us to push configurations to smartphones, tablets, and similar devices ensuring compliance with corporate policy while also providing the ability to deploy apps and more.  Most of us categorize MDM as specific to mobile devices, but the inclusion of MDM protocol support in Windows 10 expands the value of Microsoft’s Intune and other third-party MDM platforms to user workstations.  Plus, it supports macOS too!  Windows 10 allows MDM to maintain system inventory data, perform remote wipes, deploy WiFi and e-mail configurations, install applications and more.  It also delivers the ability to enforce security controls such as locking the screen or encryption settings.  The capabilities of MDM in Windows 10 are evolving quickly and deliver ease of management while enhancing security posture.

As the remote workforce continues to be the norm, it is time to consider MDM as a component of your overall management strategy to ensure compliance for your mobile devices and workstations.

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