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Get to Know Microsoft’s New Office Mobile App

Get to Know Microsoft’s New Office Mobile App

The new app delivers a more streamlined Office 365 mobile experience.

By Christian Wilmot, Client Technical Manager – EMEA

This month we are looking at the Microsoft Office mobile app. A silent but colossal game changer when working with Office 365 on iOS and Android devices.

With the expansion of cloud services, the demand for on-the-go secure access to corporate data has grown. And the Office mobile apps have been at the forefront, providing on the go access to Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive and other apps across a plethora of devices.

However, document hand-offs between the Office mobile apps have been a challenging experience at best and, at times, excruciating. For example, the regular app switching, or when tapping to edit a document in OneDrive, being sent to the Word app only to find the document has not opened and having to switch back to OneDrive. Argh!

Access to the individual Office apps on mobile devices is excellent for alternative investment organizations that want to supply access only to specific applications via Intune. And when combined with conditional access security policies, Office 365 administrators have granular control but can sometimes result in a bloated company portal and complex user experience.


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The Future of Mobile Office…

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