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Managing Your Network with IT Solutions

Efficient IT management is all about being prepared for an emergency situation. It can be achieved by regularly updating your network management software and monitoring the network constantly to prevent dangerous attackers from accessing your network. For successful network management, network security is the most important step towards making your network resistant to attacks.

Improving your Network Vulnerability

A network security suite not only provides protection from internet attacks but also from

unauthorized local access. A network security suite includes an antivirus, anti spam and a firewall. The firewall blocks unauthorized access to your network or your computer, whereas the anti virus blocks and deletes any incoming viral hooks or bugs.

Network Monitoring Solution

A network monitoring software can save a huge amount of money spent by organizations on IT infrastructure. It allows live activity monitoring of the network, timely analysis of all the data that is entering your network, unnecessary expenditure on network performance, and increases employee productivity. A good and efficient management software will constantly monitor your network, detects any unplanned activity during the normal operation of the system, and alerts you in case of a problem. These tools usually work well in with antivirus programs and firewalls, combining their management efficiency with the security services to provide a greater level of security, eliminating viral threats and providing more operational visibility.

Detecting failures and dangers are not the only thing a network monitoring software can do. They can also:

• take corrective and proactive steps with the help of efficient monitoring tools
• Make sure that your network devices have a smooth upkeep
• Monitor devices such as routers, switches, printers, and faxes.
• Distribute bandwidth and provide a better connectivity to ensure and you can have uninterrupted communication with your clients.
• Easy to point out which applications are causing problems with your connectivity and try to fix them as soon as possible.

Having a data backup

A data backup is another way of managing your network. Imagine what a catastrophe it would be if a virus destroys each and every bit of information stored on your company’s server. You could be out of business within no time. Having a backup of everyday’s work can save you in such situations.

There are thousands of network management solutions in the market that will help increase performance levels of an employee, reduce operation costs, and give a greater level of customer satisfaction. Top learn more about what Thrive Networks has to offer your business, please contact us today!