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Trustworthy Technology for Law Firms

Thrive helps law firms modernise their current IT architecture, stay secure and compliant, empower remote workers, and plan for future growth.

We understand the need for data security and the requirements for protecting client information and sensitive data. Our goal is to be your partner in IT, managing technology so time can be spent on clients and cases.

Hybrid Cloud for Legal

Our Cloud engineering team will design, build, and implement a solution tailored to each firm’s needs. Thrive’s Hybrid Cloud provides advantages over ageing on-premises systems, controlling costs and allowing for streamlined application access from anywhere.

A physical server can be difficult to maintain. With a Hybrid Cloud solution, there’s no need to dedicate space to a large server room, with one centralised system providing employees with a seamless and efficient experience, regardless of where they are working from.

Cyber Security for Legal

Thrive’s NextGen cyber security solutions protect important client data while ensuring all compliance regulations are met, mitigating business downtime in the process.

We secure data with NextGen firewalls, endpoint security and response, and advanced threat detection, devising a sound security posture with customised solutions. We also ensure all employees receive consistent training and education on cyber security topics, so from partners to paralegals everyone follows cyber security best practices.

Data Protection Requirements for Law Firms

Personal, financial, and healthcare data of clients may be at risk when not properly protected. Ageing software and hardware increases risk, which is why our managed IT services are designed to help a law firm achieve compliance while meeting regulations.

Our multi-factor approach covers data protection, continuity planning, email encryption, and more – so compliance requirements are met year after year. If your firm works with HIPAA, PCI DSS, or SOX data, our cybersecurity experts will work to safeguard pertinent information.

Collaboration for Legal

Thrive solves challenges by providing a digital collaboration solution that allows you to best utilise the Microsoft 365 platform and related tools. We will discuss the best strategy to meet operational goals and complete a smooth digital transformation.

As business needs evolve and technology changes, we are sure to stay in touch, repeating the process as needed so your firm can be a truly digital business with access to the latest advancements.

Benefits of Collaboration

We leverage Microsoft 365’s features for law firms, helping them reach new levels of efficiency and performance

Improve Partner and Staff Collaboration

Manage Practice Software from Anywhere

Gain Visibility of IT Operations

Access Documents and Case Info Remotely

Choose Thrive for Your NextGen IT Needs

Thrive delivers proven technology services that keep law firms productive and protected, no matter where their employees are working.