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How a Managed Backup Provider Helps in Data Protection

For most growing companies, managing technology change can be quite challenging. A small company with a few laptops and a simple Windows file server can quickly grow in scope to include things such as tablets, database servers, and email servers.

And with each new change, the backup process must be reviewed and modified to ensure optimal protection.

If you’re managing your backup systems, this might mean frequent expenditures on new hardware, software, and outside consultants to implement these changes to the backup process. In addition to this, your needs might also grow in scope to include such things as archiving and business continuity.

As your data protection becomes more difficult to manage, the risk of human error will also increase. That’s why simplicity is essential when it comes to maintaining your data protection.

By working with a managed data protection provider, you can outsource all of your backups to a team of specialized experts who will handle all of the implementation, backup, support, and monitoring for you. As your needs change in the future, a pay-as-you-go managed backup service will adjust to your requirements without requiring that you purchase any new hardware or software.

And since all of your backups are being done through a single provider, you also eliminate complexity from your backup process.

Whether you have just a few traveling laptops, or a large heterogeneous data center with a mix of physical and virtual systems, a managed backup provider can help you tackle today’s backup challenges while maintaining the flexibility to adapt to tomorrow’s changes.

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