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Backup & Recovery for Retail

Ensure store data is preserved and enable fast recoveries from attacks and outages

Reliable Backups and Trusted Recovery

Thrive’s Disaster Recovery and Data Protection services ensure your business is protected through hurricanes, floods, power outages, hard drive failures, malware attacks, and virtually any other kind of serious disruption. With Thrive’s managed cloud recovery system, your data is replicated around the clock so that if disaster does unfortunately strike, your team can pick up right where they left off with zero downtime. 

Data Recovery

You can experience peace of mind in Thrive’s backup and recovery solutions for your business. Thrive’s Disaster Recovery solutions can satisfy even the most aggressive recovery time objectives (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPO). We provide flexible journaling retention to allow for multiple recovery points. We can help with almost any need, location, or compliance requirement and the ability to leverage Azure as a recovery site when it makes sense for your business.


Data Protection

Thrive’s Data Protection Service provides backup and restore capabilities for your crucial data, whether stored in a physical or virtual location, NAS, Office 365, and more. For systems of all sizes, whether on-site, off-site, in the private or public cloud, and even in hybrid environments, Thrive ensures you’ll have ready and reliable access to your essential data when needed, all while maintaining your custom retention policies. Experience peace of mind at all times, especially when:

  • Compliance requirements mandate long-term backup retention
  • You need to restore a single database on a database server
  • You need to restore a file from a number of days, weeks, or months ago
  • You accidentally delete data from a server
  • Anytime data is lost or compromised
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Retailers trust Thrive to secure their cloud and colocated data. Talk to our experienced team today to discuss security enhancements for your organization. 

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