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Security Policy for Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS)

Thrive adheres to the US Criminal Justice Information Services Security Policy, and complies with all CJIS security policies, including how we handle CJIS data, and that fingerprint-based background checks are performed on all personnel with logical and/or physical access to CJI.

Thrive’s CJIS-Compliant Security Policy

Thrive has assessed the operational policies and procedures of our offerings including DRaaS, DPaaS, Hybrid Cloud, Private Cloud, Public Cloud (in Azure Gov), and VPC. and will attest in the applicable service agreements to their ability to meet FDLE requirements for the use of in-scope services. This enables law enforcement and criminal justice management entities to implement cloud-based solutions and comply with CJIS Security Policy V5.8.

As of 2019, Thrive has a signed memorandum of understanding (MOU) with HSMV-FHP, providing Leading Agency Sponsorship for Thrive. This agreement allows law enforcement and criminal justice management entities to sign an inter-agency agreement with HSMV instead of having to vet Thrive’s facilities and personnel directly. This process has already been completed and is maintained by HSMV.

Integrated Cloud Migration

Thrive offers flexible, customizable Cloud migration options to fit agencies of all sizes and requirements. Custom-tailored solutions are available to meet all unique financial needs and goals with CJIS compliance in mind.

Customization allows agencies new to the Cloud to secure CJIS compliance while minimizing the financial and operational risks associated with a complete, one-time Cloud migration. Thrive’s solutions are scalable, meaning you can easily and quickly adjust when organizational needs change.


Auditing, Reporting, and Certificates Available

The FDLE does not offer certification of Thrive’s compliance with CJIS requirements. Instead, our lead agency sponsor (HSMV) provides the interagency agreement, and Thrive provides a letter of attestation to its clients. We will also work directly with the client to submit all paperwork in Florida to FDLE to obtain final approval.

*FIPS Certificate Available

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