Thrive helps organisations across a variety of industries to optimise their business performance through strategic implementation of their IT infrastructure
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Industries We Serve

Thrive customers represent industry leaders in financial services, life sciences, healthcare, education, and more. We service some of the largest hedge fund and financial services companies, as well as many of the top regional banks in the Northeast.

Our approach to strategy, implementation and customer service, as well as our Application Performance Platform, set us apart as the choice for businesses of all sizes.


Aerospace and Defence

Like most industries, aerospace and defence are keen to attract and retain the best quality personnel. Providing users with state-of-the-art solutions, both for day-to-day tasks and the business of protecting citizens from global threats, is key to securing the best talent. Thrive works in partnership with leading defence contractors to help them design and develop solutions that meet the exacting needs of the modern MOD user. We have also invested heavily in ensuring we maintain security-cleared personnel to deliver remote and on-site support when it’s necessary.

Central Government

Thrive has been working with UK Central Government to deliver “digital by default” as a part of the ongoing reforms of government ICT. Going forward, they are committed to reforming their IT to make it smaller, flatter, more agile and more efficient. Plans are well advanced to transition away from legacy solutions to common, shared platforms and infrastructure; featuring greater use of Cloud Computing; improvements in connectivity, consolidation of back-office functions and a commitment to greener IT.

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Every IT department has to work to a budget, but few will be as constrained as those working within not-for-profit organisations. The price-sensitivity of charity operations often acts as a barrier to change; which can prove to be a false economy.

The long-term benefits of new technologies outweigh any initial capital outlay; leading to increases in efficiency, productivity and reach. New technologies are enabling charity organisations to attract, retain and engage volunteers and donors alike.


The education industry continues to evolve and experience a digital transformation due to the changing needs of students today and tomorrow. As such, many education organisations and institutions are implementing hybrid or fully-online learning experiences, while also juggling the need to meet stringent security and privacy regulations and requirements. The Thrive team, comprised of education industry experts, is available to help organisations maintain successful learning environments of all types and securely manage student information and data.

Financial Services

Backed by a team of professionals with decades of experience in the financial services industry, Thrive understands the unique complexities that organisations face each day from investors, regulators, and customers. From industry-tailored Cloud and cybersecurity services, to a world-class FinTech-specific IT platform, Thrive is uniquely positioned to meet the demands of the financial industry.


As the business of healthcare continues to evolve, organisations within the industry must transform as well to meet the growing demand for data privacy, security, and more. Thrive’s team of experts in healthcare can provide customised solutions based on the specific needs of each healthcare organisation, whether it is a secure Cloud that meets the privacy needs of HIPAA and other regulations, or cybersecurity solution that provides comprehensive protection around patient data.

Legal and Professional Services

Thrive helps law firms do the best work for their clients. Through modernisation of architecture, Cloud solutions, and a forward-thinking cyber security plan, law firms can plan for the present and future. We seek to be a partner in technology, allowing you to focus on cases and clients.

Life Sciences

As with financial services and healthcare, the life science industry maintains strict privacy and security regulations related to end-user data along with intellectual property. To ensure organisations meet industry requirements, Thrive offers access to a group of experts from the field.

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Local Government

The automation and digitisation of government services has, in part, been driven by a population that has become increasingly IT literate. Citizens have become accustomed to an excellent user experience on their device of choice.

Our public sector team have more than 20 years’ experience of working with local governments to provide technology solutions that accelerate the delivery of services to citizens, improve operational efficiency, optimise costs and drive innovation in a secure environment.

Retail Distribution

The retail industry has undergone an amazing transformation in the past twenty years. Today’s consumers are connected – to devices, to data, to each other. They demand a joined-up shopping experience; one in which the web, mobile channels and physical stores overlap. They have come to expect a buying experience that is tailored to their individual preferences.

The number of purchases physically taking place in-store is on the decline, as customers embrace the convenience and simplicity of online shopping. Mobile purchasing is the largest growth market, with year on year growth being experienced for both mobile browsing and in-app purchases.

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Social Housing

The emergence of virtualisation and mobility has revolutionised the way in which housing associations deliver services to their tenants; simplifying processes and offering improvements in security, usability and customer satisfaction.

Working with housing organisations across the UK, we have gained a comprehensive understanding of the technology challenges the sector faces and have developed solutions to help our customers become leaner and more responsive; minimising cost and maximising productivity whilst enhancing the tenant experience.


From the food to utilities industries, Thrive offers a wide range of managed services for a variety of industries based on each organisation’s particular areas of need. Thrive’s team of technology, business, and compliance professionals are able to quickly immerse themselves with any organisation to deliver the best IT services and solutions.