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Executive Spotlight: Marc Capobianco, EVP of Corporate Operations

Executive Spotlight: Marc Capobianco, EVP of Corporate Operations

Welcome back to another installment of our “Thrive Employee Spotlight” blog series.

Our featured Thrive Executive is Marc Capobianco, Executive Vice President of Corporate Operations.

Marc currently manages Thrive’s strategy and solutions, serving financial firms, private equity firms, and others in the financial space to solve their business technology, security and compliance challenges. He oversees the New England Account Management team and is transitioning to lead Thrive’s Corporate Operations.

Marc lives in North Reading, Massachusetts, with his wife and three teenage boys. He enjoys running, cycling, and competing in triathlons and marathons. 

Hi Marc! Can you tell us about your background and how you came to Thrive? 

I started an MSP out of my parents’ house 25 years ago called Tier1Net. Over time, Tier1Net grew and evolved, focusing on providing Managed IT services to financial services firms.  Tier1Net became part of Thrive in June  2019, and I was appointed to Executive Vice President of Thrive’s FinTech Practice. I graduated from Merrimack College with a degree in Management & Finance and went on to get a Masters Degree at Boston University in Management Information Systems (MIS).

What do you most enjoy about working for Thrive?

I love the people, our clients, and the challenge. First, I am extremely fortunate to work with an amazing team of dedicated and talented individuals who are always raising the bar. Second, I am very grateful to work with many clients who believed in me 25+ years ago and are still clients to this day. Finally, I love solving challenges for clients and seeing the positive impact on their businesses.

Any recent exciting projects at Thrive that you can tell us about?

In early March, Microsoft announced several flaws with their On-premise Exchange Server Software. Within hours of this announcement, cyber adversaries were weaponizing exploits of this vulnerability at unprecedented levels. I worked alongside Thrive’s support, engineering, executive, and security teams, which are made up of 50+ engineers from all regions to combat this global threat.

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