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Real-Time Endpoint Protection Against Advanced Threats

A feature-rich signatureless endpoint security solution is needed to combat advanced threats to your servers and workstations. Thrive’s Managed Endpoint Security and Response service provides proactive, real-time, fully automated security with orchestrated incident response. Leveraging best-of-breed technologies, Thrive provides multiple options to meet different security needs and budgets.

EDR with Microsoft Defender
Cybersecurity Pre and post infection response

Pre- and Post-Infection Coverage

Thrive’s Managed Endpoint Security and Response service is powered by best-of-breed Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) technology that delivers threat protection both pre- and post-infection in real time. It proactively reduces the attack surface, prevents malware infection, detects and defuses potential threats in real time, and can automate response and remediation procedures with customizable playbooks. Thrive helps organizations stop breaches and prevents data theft and ransomware damage in real-time, automatically.


Stay Armed Against New Attacks

Thrive’s Endpoint Protection and Response protects your business and reduces management burden so your team can focus on its core mission. Benefits include:

  • Protection, detection and remediation of file-based and fileless malware
  • Real-time automated prevention of ransomware encryption
  • Data exfiltration detection and protection
  • Direct link to alert Thrive’s 7x24x365 Security Operations Center on malicious or suspicious events
  • Full-service management of software exclusions and alert tuning
Cybersecurity stay armed against new attacks
Cybersecurity Thrives smarter solution

Managed Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) Service

Traditional antivirus tools may provide an alert during an attack, but it is often too late for security teams to react and prevent data theft or an intrusion. Thrive Managed EDR with FortiEDR uses threat intelligence to monitor suspicious behavior, taking a proactive approach to cybersecurity. The Thrive SOC analyzes to discovers the root cause of an attack and track unwanted behavior from the initial incident all the way through remediation.

FortiEDR’s next-generation antivirus (NGAV) uses machine learning capabilities to protect critical data and prevent breaches, ensuring business continuity even if a device is compromised. With threat protection both pre- and post-infection in real time, organizations have the capability to shut down entry points commonly used by hackers to compromise critical systems.

Managed Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) for Microsoft

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is a powerful security tool that many organizations already own as part of their Microsoft 365 license. Thrive’s Managed EDR for Microsoft service ensures you get maximum return on your investment.

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint protects against sophisticated attacks using the latest behavioral analytics, but the solution requires continuous monitoring to reduce false positives, hunt down real threats, and ensure all devices remain protected over time.

With Thrive’s Managed EDR for Microsoft service you gain:

  • Configuration and management of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint
  • 24×7 monitoring and investigation by the Thrive Security Operations Center (SOC)
  • Integration with Thrive Cybersecurity Mesh Architecture for intelligence and orchestration
  • Rapid response and remediation to mitigate threats quickly

Protect All of Your Endpoint Devices

Thrive’s Managed Endpoint Security and Response services allow for business continuity if a hack or security event occurs. We help protect critical data by keeping systems online – saving you time and money.


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