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Empowering Education: How Thrive Fortified CBT Technical Institute’s IT Infrastructure

Empowering Education: How Thrive Fortified CBT Technical Institute’s IT Infrastructure
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CBT Technical Institute offers technical training and certification programs in various fields, such as information technology, cybersecurity, network administration, and more. The institute sought a partner to fill IT gaps, provide strategic solutions to bolster cybersecurity resilience, and optimize operations across its three campuses. This case study details how Thrive fortified CBT’s IT infrastructure and provided essential support, enabling seamless operations and proactive cybersecurity measures.

CBT Technical Institute faced a significant challenge when its IT supervisor departed for another company, leaving a critical void in managing its websites and servers. The workload became overwhelming with only a small team of three IT support specialists, as their focus was divided among various tasks. Realizing the need for additional support and contingency planning, CBT turned to Thrive to provide essential protection and strategic direction for its technology solutions. Thrive’s security services and ThriveCloud platform complement their internal team, ensuring comprehensive coverage and preparedness for potential disruptions.

Why Thrive Was Chosen

CBT Technical Institute chose Thrive because of its comprehensive suite of services and Thrive’s commitment to a genuine partnership. When evaluating potential partners, Thrive stood out for its adept management of services and software and robust security measures that alleviate the burden of maintaining CBT Technical Institute’s infrastructure and data security.

Thrive’s Robust Solution Offering and Collaborative Approach

Thrive’s comprehensive solution included Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) for endpoint protection, server management, and Microsoft 365 email and Exchange management and monitoring. Facing expertise gaps, CBT Technical Institute turned to Thrive for comprehensive security services, leveraging ThriveCloud. Outsourcing these services marked the beginning of the partnership, with Thrive guiding CBT through onboarding and offering expertise and support. Through collaborative efforts, Thrive ensured a seamless transition, empowering CBT to navigate its technology confidently.

Impact and Results

Thrive’s intervention at CBT Technical Institute resulted in notable efficiencies and operational improvements. Migrating servers to the Cloud and deploying new infrastructure addressed challenges linked to outdated hardware, which enhanced server management and performance. Users experienced significant improvements in service responsiveness, while Thrive’s cost-effective solutions remained within CBT’s budgetary limits. With Thrive hosting its database, the institute’s data security and resilience were fortified, ensuring robust protection and rapid recovery from disruptions, underscoring CBT’s commitment to safeguarding sensitive educational information.

Exceeding Expectations

Thrive consistently exceeds expectations, with its team going above and beyond to meet CBT’s needs. From dedicated engineers like Nick, who assist outside regular hours, to responsive project managers, CBT praises Thrive for its unwavering dedication, collaborative approach, and exceptional support. “Thrive provides a virtual solution for any company that needs protection and lacks the resources to keep moving forward. If a company doesn’t have an IT department or support to assist users, maintain servers, and ensure security, Thrive is the one that can provide that,” said Roosevelt McCullough, Database Administrator for CBT Technical Institute.


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“Unlike other cloud and third-party providers that offer temporary fixes, Thrive provides a long-term solution, enabling our company to evolve and access resources and support as needed.”  ~ Roosevelt McCullough, Database Administrator for CBT Technical Institute



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