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Thrive + Fortinet: Proactive Cybersecurity for Highly Regulated Industries

Thrive + Fortinet: Proactive Cybersecurity for Highly Regulated Industries

Today, robust cybersecurity is a critical requirement, and organizations are under intense pressure to protect their sensitive data and adhere to stringent regulatory standards. At Thrive, we understand these challenges and are committed to serving our clients through a comprehensive suite of services to ensure top-notch security infrastructure and compliant operations.

Our experts cater to a wide array of industries with a particular focus on heavily regulated sectors, including financial institutions, healthcare providers, state and local governments, legal firms, and manufacturers. Our clients manage highly sensitive client, employee, and company data, including financial records, health records, personally identifiable information (PII), and more. The regulatory landscape is equally complex, with organizations needing to comply with standards such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC), and countless others.

Thrive + Fortinet 

Thrive combats these demands by leveraging strategic partnerships with leading technology providers. Our partnership with Fortinet enables us to more effectively address the needs of our diverse mid-market and SMB clients through proactive threat management and customer-centric security services. For example, Thrive utilizes Fortinet’s Unified Threat Response solution (FortiAnalyzer, FortiSIEM, and FortiSOAR) to strengthen its managed detection and response (MDR) platform. 

Fortinet’s AI-powered solutions allow us to centralize clients’ IT infrastructure, including networks, servers, and cloud services, enabling our expert security operations team to spot anomalies faster and with minimal effort. Specifically, Thrive can optimize:

Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Our MDR services offer a proactive cybersecurity approach designed to detect and mitigate threats in real time. By leveraging Fortinet’s cutting-edge technology, these services integrate advanced threat detection tools and security analytics with the expertise of skilled cybersecurity professionals who possess in-depth industry knowledge, ensuring a tailored fit for your business’s needs.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Thrive’s managed EDR service, powered by FortiEDR, leverages advanced threat intelligence to monitor and address suspicious behavior proactively. FortiEDR’s next-generation antivirus (NGAV) employs machine learning to safeguard critical data and prevent breaches, ensuring business continuity even if a device is compromised. With real-time threat protection both before and after infection, organizations can effectively shut down entry points commonly exploited by hackers to compromise critical systems.

Secure Networking

Our secure networking solutions create secure, reliable, and high-performance networks. Whether through firewalls, secure SD-WAN, or other networking solutions, Thrive ensures that our client’s data is protected from unauthorized access and can minimize downtime and losses in the case of a breach.

The Fortinet Advantage

Thrive’s team reduces operational complexity through the use of Fortinet’s Security Fabric architecture. To improve workflows, Fortinet’s architecture addresses operational challenges by enabling zero-touch provisioning, application visibility and control, and incident response. The architectural approach ensures seamless integration between different security systems and workflows in Thrive’s network, minimizing the effort required to navigate security incidents and initiate mitigation. 

Through FortiLabs, Fortinet stays ahead of cyber criminals and other attackers by continuously researching and developing new security technologies. Check out Fortinet’s report on cloud security for more insights into the latest trends in cybersecurity and cloud computing and how IT leaders are meeting today’s challenges head-on.

By linking key security technologies into our cohesive Cybersecurity Mesh Architecture, Thrive creates a unified and robust security framework that enhances our ability to protect our clients’ data and meet their compliance needs. This commitment to innovation ensures that Thrive can provide clients with the most advanced and effective security solutions available, especially when they consolidate cybersecurity solutions onto the Thrive platform (read about the benefits of being on platform with us). 

Contact Thrive today to learn more about how we bring together the best people and the best technology to tailor the ideal services for your organization’s security infrastructure.