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Endpoint Detection and Response Services: Why You Need Them

Endpoint Detection and Response Services: Why You Need Them

A cyber attack can take mere minutes, or even seconds, to compromise endpoints. In the face of these growing threats, current signature-based antivirus and anti-malware products can struggle to keep up.

Cyber security teams can no longer rely on first-generation endpoint detection and response (EDR) tools to respond to the fast pace of today’s threats. Aging EDR tools can also be difficult to maintain and drive up security operations costs. What is the answer? Every organization should have a signatureless endpoint security solution that protects servers and workstations from advanced threats.

Thrive’s Managed Endpoint Security and Response, powered by Fortinet’s FortiEDR platform, offers real-time, proactive security across all devices covering legacy and current operating systems. With the right EDR tool in place, organizations have the ability to prevent the theft of data and intrusion of ransomware, automating response and remediation procedures to give security teams a more effective, time-saving solution.

EDR: The Better Solution

Traditional antivirus tools may provide an alert during an attack, but it is often too late for security teams to react and prevent data theft or an intrusion. EDR tools such as FortiEDR use threat intelligence to monitor suspicious behavior, taking a proactive approach to cyber security.

An antivirus alert may