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Employee Spotlight: Candice Smith-Singh, HR Manager

Employee Spotlight: Candice Smith-Singh, HR Manager

Welcome back to another installment of our “Thrive Spotlight” blog series.

Our featured Thrive employee is Candice Smith-Singh, Human Resources Manager.

Candice works with and manages 1000+ Thrive employees across the U.S. and across the world. She is responsible for handling employee benefits, training, compliance, onboarding and other human resources matters.

Candice lives in Sarasota, Florida, where she enjoys spending time with her daughter, watching the latest Netflix and YouTube shows and shopping. She also enjoys staying active!

Hi Candice! Can you tell us about your background and how you came to Thrive?

I got my first HR experience right out of college in Toronto, working for a company that sold refurbished computers to schools at discounted prices. After moving to Florida, I have held HR roles in a few different industries, including healthcare (mental health), government and technology. Three years ago, I began working at SouthTech, where I was a HR department of one. When SouthTech was acquired by Thrive, I was able to transition my role into the current (and growing) HR team. My overall HR background includes Talent Management, Benefits, Training and Development, Workplace Safety and Employee Relations.

Where did you go to school or get training?

I graduated from York University in Toronto, Canada, with a degree in Human Resources Management. I am currently pursuing my master’s degree from Capella University in Minnesota. I also hold certified HR credentials from the Society of Human Resources.

What do you most enjoy about working for Thrive?

What I enjoy most about working at Thrive is the opportunity to learn something each day. I’m always challenged to learn and do more, which is very exciting. I also work with a great group of employees who are filled with a wealth of knowledge and passion for what they do.

Any recent exciting projects at Thrive that you can tell us about?

Recently, we signed to bring in a variety of trainings for employees to complete. One is training on Diversity and Inclusion. Management was on board with the importance of this training. We have a workforce all over the world made up of people of different races, backgrounds, cultures, gender identity, sexual orientation, ages, experiences, physical and mental abilities, and more. These trainings will help us all embrace and celebrate the unique qualities each brings and allows us to work together harmoniously.

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