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Cybersecurity: A Sound Investment in Your Firm’s Future

Cybersecurity: A Sound Investment in Your Firm’s Future

By Ian Bowell, Head of Information Security – EMEA

Cybersecurity is now in the direct line of sight for executive management and boards in the alternative asset industry.  C-level executives have the power to act and ensure the investment in their IT strategy. An effective cybersecurity program can protect infrastructure against severe threats and eliminate potential reputational damage caused by bad actors.

A company board is charged with guiding and challenging the company’s senior leaders.  The board is in the right position to focus on opportunities in long-term, versatile cybersecurity planning.  A short-sighted, narrow plan of action should be challenged in this ever-changing landscape.

Board members have a strategic role to play in guiding opportunities for expansion and change in response to threats as well as challenging long-held assumptions.

Relevant questions are:

  1. How are we responding right now to the threats affecting our industry?
  2. Where does the leadership team see the business in 2025?
  3. What can we do to move toward that vision?

However, it’s not so simple or complete. It’s a great step forward when top-level leadership is paying attention. There is still a lot to be done to quantify or address the risks in cy