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6 More Safety and Productivity Tips for Remote Working

6 More Safety and Productivity Tips for Remote Working

Looking for tips for remote working?

With many workers still computing from home, cybersecurity and productivity continue to be corporate priorities.

With so much going on, it can certainly be challenging to keep up with best practices, avoid security pitfalls, and continue to do your best job.

Here are six more tips for making the most of your remote work environment. If you missed the last post, be sure to check it out! More tips to come.

1. Separate your personal and work accounts

Don’t do your personal business on your work computer, and don’t do work on your personal computer. Accessing personal accounts and files on your work computer often violates company security guidelines.

2. Think before your click

You’ve no doubt heard this said countless times. But it’s still as relevant as ever, and is perhaps one of the best tips for remote working. Don’t just blindly click on hyperlinks in email, websites, and social media. When in doubt, always pause to consider carefully or seek advice from your IT department.

3. Ensure your data is backed up

Data backup is the ultimate failsafe. In the face of disaster, rolling back to a current backup can get you back to business promptly. A managed backup, business continuity, and disaster recovery service like Thrive’s DRaaS can be the perfect option – and last line of defense against cyberattacks or system failure – for your company.

4. Get rid of the bloat

Have a bunch of unnecessary apps, extensions, add-ons, modules, etc.? If you’re using your personal PC as your work computer, it’s a good idea to clear out the bloat. These can be infrequently patched and thus can present vulnerabilities.

5. Use a modern browser

Still using a non-supported browser? Switch to a modern browser, pronto. Ask your IT department if they have a preference.

6. Don’t leave your devices unattended

Getting your work done on the go? Finishing up that project at the coffee shop? Don’t leave your devices out in the open. Thieves and cybercriminals alike are all too happy to take a phone, tablet, or laptop.