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6 Tips to Stay Safe and Productive While Working Remotely

6 Tips to Stay Safe and Productive While Working Remotely

Are you a remote worker trying to keep safe and productive during these unprecedented times?

Perhaps you’re new to the whole work-from-home life?

In either case, we thought it would be helpful to collect our best tips for keeping secure and staying productive while working outside the office walls.

1. Keep up with updates

Putting off (or outright ignoring) those updates? Don’t! Software updates often address vulnerabilities. By not allowing the software to get patched, you may be leaving a door open for cybercriminals. Don’t make it easy for the bad guys!

2. Snap a photo of your computer configuration before unplugging and moving your PC

Getting wires crossed? Unplugging and reattaching all the cords and peripherals of your computer can certainly trip you up. Grab your smartphone and snap a shot of your computer setup (from all angles!) so you have a reference when you forget where to plug something in.

3. Pay attention when using Wi-Fi

Getting some work done at the local coffee shop? Don’t blindly connect to the first available network that pops up. If you’re unsure, ask the staff. To be doubly safe, turn off automatic connections.

4. Lock your computer

Make sure you set up your password-protected lock screen to keep your computer secure. The last thing you want is someone coming behind you and sabotaging your work or accessing sensitive data.

5. Make use of a password manager

Getting tired of having to memorize countless passwords? Resorting to less complex passwords? Reusing passwords across accounts?

Make use of a password manager so you can keep your passwords unique and secure. Hackers are determined and have all the time in the world. Don’t make it easy for them!

6. Heed your IT team, and by all means, ask plenty of questions

Your IT team will typically have best practices and guidelines in place for the team while working remotely. Do your best to follow them. Sometimes these rules may seem like a few too many extra steps to follow… but do follow them. They’re in place for a reason. Be sure to ask plenty of questions if you need guidance.