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4 Ways Thrive Helps Government Organizations

4 Ways Thrive Helps Government Organizations

While government agencies made strides during the pandemic, its leaders and elected officials are still struggling to keep up the pace of digital innovation. Changing political demands, digital disruptions and the increased threat of cybersecurity breaches loom over local and state government agencies operating on aging IT systems. When it comes to digital transformation, organizations face many challenges, so aligning with a partner who has a proven track record is crucial.

Thrive’s NextGen technology and managed services, including Cloud, Cybersecurity, Collaboration and more, optimize and protect critical technology ensuring government agencies are innovative, secure and efficient.

Take your organization to new heights with Thrive.

  1. Reduced CapEx Spend Thrive’s NextGen technology and managed services are scalable and flexible to meet changing demands. We save your organization money by eliminating hidden operating costs and cutting upfront infrastructure and hardware costs with technology that reduces downtime and makes workflows efficient.
  2. Efficiency Thrive’s decades of experience serving government agencies, combined with using digital collaboration platforms such as Microsoft 365, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams, will digitally transform your business from the ground up. Thrive’s secure Hybrid Cloud solutions are built to support the Cloud solution that best meets the needs of each organization’s compliance requirements.
  3.  Enhanced Measures to Meet Compliance Requirements Thrive understands the unique complexities government organizations face. Thrive is uniquely positioned to meet this demand and future-proof your digital infrastructure operations, from industry-tailored Cloud and Cybersecurity services to a world-class IT platform.
  4. Advanced Security As government IT systems grow in complexity, there is an increased risk of vulnerabilities, exploits and security breaches. Thrive’s Managed SIEM-as-a-Service (SIEMaaS), Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) and Vulnerability Management with a 24x7x365 Security Operations Center protect your organization, uncover and mitigate risks and meet stringent regulatory requirements.

Thrive gives government organizations peace of mind with a comprehensive, proactive security strategy with technology solutions. Read more in our recent industry brief here. Click here to contact us today to solve and manage your organization’s Cybersecurity and Cloud needs.