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4 Office 365 Apps You Can Utilize Today

4 Office 365 Apps You Can Utilize Today

WindowsMicrosoft continues to gain market share with their core product set.  This is mostly due to companies making the pilgrimage from on-premises Exchange to Exchange Online.  The combination of Microsoft Exchange and Office licensing migrating to the cloud, the Microsoft rebirth in the cloud is exploding.

At the same time, many companies that have moved to Office365 may not have realized there are several features that MAY be included in their subscription which they could leverage.  Unknown to many of you out there is this O365 resource, which provides a laundry list of included features.  I recommend referring to this page to see which features Microsoft offers, that you can make use of.

Here are some features that you likely have access to, but are not using:

  • PowerApps – Detailed in a blog post I wrote earlier this year, PowerApps is a low-code/no-code solution.  It allows businesses to create web and mobile apps to streamline business processes.  While it does require some amount software development understanding, its nothing that someone can learn over a couple of cups of coffee.
  • Teams – Microsoft recently announced a long migration from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams, https://docs.microsof