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4 Cyber Security Services Every Business Needs

4 Cyber Security Services Every Business Needs

The New Basics That Every Business Should Have Budgeted

For years, we’ve been told anti-virus and firewall should be all you need to protect your network.  Those days are long past given the rise of new, more sophisticated cyber attacks.  As many businesses head into budget season, it is important to add new cyber security services into the budget assuming they are not already in place.

Managed Patching and Vulnerability

What’s old has become new, avoiding exploits in the first place is one of the strongest countermeasures available.  Patching and updating applications is not an exciting new cyber countermeasures but no one will argue with its effectiveness.  Known exploits, mostly due to unpatched software, currently totals to about 38000 known vulnerabilities.  The new twist is that vulnerability management is now coupled together with patch management.

24×7 Security Management

Gone are the days that a service like this was only available for the budget of the are.  The market has caught up and services like this while not inexpensive are attainable to most businesses.  It’s important to have a manned (or backed by AI) security operations center that is analyzing the log and network data 24×7.  Many SIEM vendors will tell you that this can be done in-house but it is simply not realistic.  Security professionals are too hard to find and even worse are the salary requirements.

Security Awareness Training

Known as anti-phishing services to some, security awareness training is one of the most cost effective security services you can implement.  Software randomly generates phishing emails to your end users.  For those that click on links in these emails, their data is tracked in a central management system.  Training can then be delivered to this individuals to help them avoid dangerous situations like this in the future.

Advanced Email Security

Stopping spam emails from Nigerian princes is no longer the goal. Your email filtering service whether on-premises or in the cloud needs to be capable of performing a higher degree of interrogation on email messages.  This includes attachment sandboxing, impersonation (spoof) detection, and URL link re-writing.

Thrive can help with all 4 of these cyber security needs. If you would like to learn more about these basics contact Thrive today!