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“Will I be forced to upgrade when Windows 7 end of life hits?”

“Will I be forced to upgrade when Windows 7 end of life hits?”

Are you still on Windows 7 and wondering if Microsoft will force you to upgrade when, in January of 2020, their support of both Windows 7 and Server 2008 will cease?

You will be able to use Windows 7 after end of life.

But should you?

End of life means no more support or patches to holes in the operating system.

Did you know that many hackers will wait until after end of life for a particular software or operating system to zero in and exploit vulnerabilities?

Data is king these days, and if you want to avoid it being stolen, ruined, or held for ransom via ransomware, you’ll want to upgrade.

But what are the options?

What about compatibility with your mission critical systems?

Is it time to upgrade your hardware, too?

Are there any liability issues concerning insurance or industry regulations?

Thrive can assist with the whole process, from planning to execution. Our experienced team can perform the upgrades while minimizing the impact to your flow of business.

Contact us today for a free Windows end-of-life consultation.