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The Push to Evolve: Why Law Firms Need Cloud Computing to Compete

The Push to Evolve: Why Law Firms Need Cloud Computing to Compete

Law firms have often had to bridge a digital divide in handling clients, cases, documents, employees, and more. Now, challenging IT issues like remote work, cyber security, application management, privacy regulations, and data governance have only made it more difficult to remain technologically sound. Yet there is a tremendous opportunity for firms to transform their operations by taking advantage of all that the Cloud has to offer.

At Thrive, we leverage advanced technology to help bring law firms into the 21st century, moving critical applications to the Cloud Workspace and modernizing their IT infrastructure without complicated employee retraining or upscaling. The Cloud also gives law firms the agility and flexibility to not only easily modernize technology, but gain a competitive advantage, because they can seamlessly transition to new practice management software or add cutting-edge collaboration tools that boost efficiency and improve service.

For law firms, the time is now to go all-in on Cloud computing.

Leveraging Thrive’s Robust Cloud Platform

In our experience, most law firms are operating with an IT infrastructure that requires better redundancy, higher levels of security, and remote access. On-premise servers, which require maintenance, a proactive approach, and backups, can lead to IT headaches.

On-premise servers also limit employee productivity to a single desktop or laptop. Without Cloud-enabled virtual desktops, firms can’t empower their teams to succeed in the fast-paced legal world, which largely requires courthouse trips, off-premise meetings, and on-the-go communication.

Deploying a Cloud environment also means debunking some myths perpetuated about access and security.

Myth #1: If I’m in court and the internet is lagging, I can’t get to data.

Reality: Access to applications is available 24/7 from compatible devices. Anyone can work from anywhere.

Myth #2: I don’t trust the cloud.

Reality: The Cloud is highly reputable. Thrive Cloud, our private Cloud service, is hosted in a SOC 2 Type II-certified data center. Building a Cloud platform from the ground up protects valuable client information, going well beyond the entry-level office firewall and providing the ability to encrypt data in transit or at rest.

Reducing Complexities While Gaining Workplace Flexibility

For firms with just one office or a small team, an on-premise server, while outdated, may get the job done. However, an on-premise server is not compatible when satellite offices or remote computing are introduced into the equation. Perhaps a firm has two locations and each has its own server – suddenly, the IT team must manage a disjointed environment, which acts as two separate firms. A clunky, legacy VPN only adds to the frustration.

With remote workforces increasing in prevalence, security is another critical topic of conversation. Recently, a client learned their insurance provider would not renew their cyber policy unless they upgraded endpoint detection and response solutions on each of the firm’s computers. Thrive’s Endpoint Detection and Response protects firms by offering real-time, automated security across all devices – in the office, at home, and on the move.

Thrive’s Cloud Desktop as a Service (DaaS) platform optimizes performance and cost, while providing access to multiple Hybrid Cloud platforms, all managed by our experienced team of engineers. Moving both SaaS-based and legacy applications to the Cloud keeps everything aligned, even when legacy applications aren’t yet ready for that next level of performance. When legacy applications do evolve or become SaaS-based, they can be removed, making way for the newest SaaS-based option.

Law firms can control costs while improving security and resiliency with a Cloud solution, and gain peace of mind knowing important legal applications will be available when they need them most. The knowledgeable team at Thrive is here to help your firm make the move to the Cloud.