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Why IT Support Is No Longer About Keeping The Lights On

Why IT Support Is No Longer About Keeping The Lights On

Gone are the days when we think of IT support as merely break/fix. The IT landscape has changed; we operate hybrid-environments that leverages on-premises equipment, cloud services and a plethora of end-user devices.

The software-defined era has made it less about the hardware and more about the applications that inject the intelligence into our infrastructure, and the boundaries that used to exist between infrastructure, communications and security have well and truly been blurred.

This means that basic vendor maintenance fails to deliver what IT teams need and traditional support services only scratch the surface of what is required. This is why at Thrive we don’t focus on just keeping the lights on, but making them shine brighter through expertise in and partnerships with leading vendors such as BT, Cisco, Microsoft, NetApp, VMware, and Veeam to name but a few.


Whereas individual hardware components are still critical, what determines business continuity is how all of these components and software combine to deliver the end-to-end service delivery. Identifying the root cause of issues across today’s IT infrastructure can be complex; it is as much about having the expertise in how the elements of compute, storage, networking, connectivity and security work together as it is about the individual components.

This is why at Thrive we have built expertise across the complete IT landscape; we are not just the collaboration guys or the security specialists, we are experts in end-to-end service delivery. We understand each of the technologies, but more importantly, bring a wealth of experience of how these components work together and are interdependent on each other.


In the past, IT performance was based on the simple metric of availability; a component was either up or down, and unplanned downtime was a bad thing. Today, we are not judged on whether the lights are on, but whether they are shining brightly. Is our IT infrastructure delivering the experience that our end-users expect and require?

At Thrive we believe that proactively monitoring the complete IT infrastructure is key to delivering an assured end-to-end service to end-users. By combining the best practice we have evolved over 29 years of doing this with industry-leading toolsets we are able to meticulously monitor your environment around the clock, continually optimising performance and addressing anomalies before they become business-affecting.

At Thrive we are very proud of our capability to not only support our customers but to deliver the value-adding, proactive managed services that they truly need. We would love to talk to you about your specific challenges and explore ways that Thrive can augment your team in delivering an exceptional IT experience to your business and your end-users. Learn more about our Managed IT Services.