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Why I joined Thrive – The ability to deliver a superior customer experience

Why I joined Thrive – The ability to deliver a superior customer experience

I joined Thrive to lead the European sales team and to work with a global brand with an outstanding reputation for innovating cybersecurity, Cloud and Collaboration managed services. I am excited about the opportunity that it presents for myself and the organisations I engage with day to day. The most key factor for me was the ability to deliver a superior customer experience.

It is apparent to everyone in this industry that the lack of resource is the most pressing challenge for Cybersecurity professionals. I have yet to meet a CISO who is awash with free time and has an armada of help available should they need it. The vast of majority of security professionals have multiple projects running simultaneously and are having to balance managing board expectations, running security ops, training the internal client and the multitude of vendor relationships that need to be serviced.

These challenges magnify even further in the smaller business as there is often no CISO and sometimes no member of the team with security in the title. It is often left to someone to manage security as a second job or voluntarily include it in their remit. I have come across organisations in the thousands of users with no head of cybersecurity. Sometimes this is due to rapid growth and sometimes unfortunately, it is due to the “we’ve never had a problem” minds