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What You Need To Know About The New Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways

What You Need To Know About The New Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways

Timlin has been engaged with Microsoft over the last couple of months providing support for the beta rollout of their new Custom Learning solution for Office 365.

In typical Microsoft fashion, they recently renamed the solution to Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways. The Timlin Engineering team has been supporting the first customers by resolving issues and providing documentation for the tool.

We are very excited to work with our customers and this training tool as it provides a great framework and content for your training programs, including the following capabilities:

  • A SharePoint Online communication site that acts as your Custom training portal.  The site can be customized to add your organization’s help, support, and community content.
  • The tool is easy to provision and Timlin now brings great expertise to the provisioning process.
  • The ability to create your own training playlists.  With Learning Pathways, you can create targeted training playlists to meet the unique needs of your environment and focused on the Office 365 tools and features pertinent to you.
  • Up-to-date content.  This is a huge win as the Learning Pathways tool provides content through a Microsoft online content catalog, so the content at your site is regularly updated. In addition, the Solution is connected to an online catalog of Microsoft content.
  • Learning Pathways provides a SharePoint web part that can be filtered to present targeted training content. Organizations can also use the Web part to create their own custom playlists.

We think there is great potential in the Learning Pathways tool to help your end-users stay trained on the latest features and functions in Office 365.  No longer will your training content be out-of-date after 3 months as Microsoft will constantly be updating the training materials.

The provisioning process is relatively simple but as with most technology, can be confusing the first time.  Reach out to help with the setup as our team is very well versed in the tool and the capabilities.