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What Kind of Cloud Environment is Best for Your Business?

What Kind of Cloud Environment is Best for Your Business?

The race to the Cloud accelerated with COVID. Businesses without any Cloud infrastructure or with weak Cloud infrastructure were suddenly made to move remote, and those with Cloud services in place were put to the test in terms of accessibility, availability, and security. Those with no remote access available to their users opted for public Cloud services like Microsoft Azure and 365 to get workers up and running as quickly as possible. Now, two years later, organizations that still haven’t made the move to private or hybrid Cloud environments are beginning to feel the repercussions in the areas of cybersecurity, governance control, and overall ease of managing their day-to-day workflows. 

So what are the different Cloud types, and how do you choose what is best for your organization? The answer is almost always private Cloud for businesses, as a key to remaining competitive is maintaining a self-reliant, secure network infrastructure. However, there are exceptions; let’s take a deeper look at the differences between public, private, and hybrid Clouds: 

Public Cloud 

Public Cloud is the ‘out of the box’, Cloud-based solution for building and deploying various workloads. Administrators have controls over the various offering but not what is under the hood. In the public cloud, resources are shared across multiple organizations. The #1 benefit of