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What is Azure Virtual Desktop?

What is Azure Virtual Desktop?

As has become evident in the past few years (particularly in the last year), remote work is no longer just a possibility, but a reality. Organizations have seen the value of completing work from anywhere, but many have used patchwork solutions and short-term fixes to help establish a remote workforce.

Azure Virtual Desktop provides business leaders with a scalable, long-term solution, something many organizations are looking for. The right tools are required for collaboration and innovation, but important information and data must be protected in the process. Azure Virtual Desktop enables a secure remote desktop experience from any device at any time, providing end users with the access they need to get the job done.

Running Azure Virtual Desktop on the Cloud

Running Azure Virtual Desktop on the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform allows users to set up a multi-session Windows 10 deployment that provides a scalable Windows 10 instance accessible from anywhere. An end user gains access to Azure Virtual Desktop via a company-issued device, a shared computer, or their own device. For on-the-go employees, the benefits are clear – no matter where someone is, they’re always connected to a full desktop experience with the proper functionality and customization they’re accustomed to.

Organizations will realize cost savings immediately. Hosting on Azure requires less infrastructure than a traditional setup, and there’s no need for costly servers and the space required to house them. Plus, with employees working from anywhere, office spaces can be consolidated, giving users the option to log on either from home or perhaps a co-working space. Should IT departments choose to forego the process of searching for and maintaining hardware, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) is an option. Allowing employees to use their own device reduces costs and ensures a certain level of comfort.

In a BYOD setup, a company can continue to grow without having to focus on costly IT infrastructure or a lengthy procurement process. Since an Azure Virt