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What is a Firewall?

What is a Firewall?

Would you leave your home’s front door unlocked?

Probably not.

Should you maintain a network without a firewall?

No, if you value your data and security.

So, just what is a firewall?

Within the context of network security, a firewall helps filter out the traffic that goes in — and also out of — your network.

This filtering is based on defined security rules.

A firewall can be hardware or software. In fact, both are often used in concert to create an even more potent barrier than just having one or the other.

“At Thrive, we advise using multiple layers of security for the best protection against the many threats out there,” said Brian Walker. “The firewall can be looked at as the first line of defense. A gatekeeper. It helps determine what traffic or sources are blocked from your network.”

“Without a firewall, you basically have your network’s ‘front door’ open to anyone who wants to come in,” explained Aaron Allen. “If you care about your systems and data (and who doesn’t?), you want to have a firewall.”

But where does one begin?

“There are a variety of firewalls you can employ, including stateful inspection and proxy, as well as next generation firewalls, which also bundle in network intrusion prevention,” explained Allen. “Thrive now also provides a completely managed firewall service.”

“This covers the whole firewall experience, from installation and configuration to ongoing maintenance and support.”

“Our managed firewall service equates to more time to spend on your business, less time worrying about security.”

“The network security experts at Thrive can assist you in determining the optimal solution for your specific environment,” said Walker. “Asking yourself, ‘What is a firewall?’ Contact us to schedule a free firewall consultation. We are offering video and phone conferences for your convenience and safety.”