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Virtualization Can Enhance Your Business’s Productivity

Virtualization Can Enhance Your Business’s Productivity

Virtualization has been rising in popularity during the past few years due to its ability to provide a viable solution for companies to increase productivity while reducing IT infrastructure costs.  By switching to virtualization, companies have been able to control workloads in data centers and reduce energy consumption for their environment.

Before we discuss the specific benefits of switching to virtualization let’s first define what virtualization is and some of the reasons why more companies are making the change.

Virtualization and IT Infrastructure

Virtualization is defined as a method that is used to allow a single system to run multiple infrastructures simultaneously.  The method can be applied to network infrastructures, storage processes, and servers. It combines resources into one unit which is controlled by a central interface. The end result is a reduction of IT costs that would otherwise be spent on additional hardware technology to operate standalone systems.

In terms of storage area networks, virtualization is applied in a similar manner by combining hardware devices that can be controlled from a single interface.  For this reason, more companies are considering virtualization as a viable alternative to older infrastructures that are costly to run and require additional manpower to administer standalone configurations.

Specific Benefits of Virtualization

 To provide a further explanation of why more companies and organizations are switching to virtualization, here are some of the key benefits virtualization can offer to businesses of all sizes:

  • Speedy Recovery Time:  In the event of a system failure or disaster virtualization allows for faster recovery of IT resources which provides for improved business continuity and revenue.  Older infrastructures are incapable of recovering within a few hours and in most cases, companies experience a much longer downtime which results in revenue loss.
  • Better Scalability:  Virtualized environments are designed to be scalable; allowing for more flexibility when it comes to company growth.  Instead of purchasing additional infrastructure components, new applications and upgrades can easily be implemented with virtualization.
  • Cost and Space Savings:  Saving on the costs of IT infrastructure is a reality when you switch to virtualization.  The cost savings also extends to reduced energy consumption and IT personnel while reducing the amount of space that is required to house an IT environment.
  • Better Return on Investment:  In addition to reducing the costs of maintaining an older infrastructure, companies can increase their ROI by ensuring business continuity following a disaster and preventing revenue loss.

These are the basic benefits which can be gained by switching to virtualization.  There are additional benefits which will depend upon the type of infrastructure necessary for your specific industry. All of these benefits point to the fact that virtualization presents a win-win situation when it comes to helping companies maintain a competitive advantage.

Many companies choose to deploy virtualization in-house where others find it easier and much more cost effective to outsource it to a virtualization services provider.  Although virtualization saves on costs using either method, the implementation of virtualization in-house will take much longer than if you use a service provider.

Prior to implementing the technology, there are a number of issues that must be taken into account when transitioning to a new IT environment.  Some of these concerns include cost estimates, technical challenges in terms of compatibility, security, and training, to name a few concerns.  Because of the numerous ways virtualization can impact a company it is necessary to collect in-depth knowledge in advance of implementation to ensure a smooth transition to the new environment.

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