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Top Cybersecurity Acronyms You Need to Know in 2024

Top Cybersecurity Acronyms You Need to Know in 2024

When reviewing your IT stack and ensuring that your cybersecurity posture is strong, it is important to be able to identify common terminology so you can better understand potential issues and what they mean. Building a solid knowledge base about your cybersecurity needs is just as important as having a strong cybersecurity plan in place. Below are the cybersecurity acronyms you should know:

  • CNAPP – Cloud Native Application Protection Platform: Cloud Native Application Protection Platform refers to a security platform designed specifically for the protection of cloud-native applications. It addresses the unique security challenges posed by applications built using microservices and deployed in containerized environments. As more workloads move to the cloud, 2024 is the right time to develop a plan to implement more cloud-native security solutions.
  • CSMA – Cybersecurity Mesh Architecture: A Cybersecurity Mesh Architecture can bridge critical gaps by integrating isolated solutions through two-way connections, pulling data into the mesh and enabling actions across a diverse array of tools including secure email gateways, endpoint detection and response systems, and SOAR and SIEM platforms. This is expected to be a key initiative in 2024 for many organizations who are trying to better leverage the tools they already have.
  • CTEM – Continuous