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Thrive’s 2021 Year in Review

Thrive’s 2021 Year in Review

2021 was a very exciting year for Thrive and not just because it was an especially busy year for protecting against cyber threats. With many businesses settling into an extended remote work scenario, organizations began to think seriously about the long-term security plans for their remote workforces and their increasingly exposed assets. According to a study by Fortinet, ransomware attacks alone increased by 10.7x last year. Consistent with this and other demonstrated increases in attacks, Thrive’s own 2021 year-end report indicates a paralleled rise in attacks and increased cybersecurity action as a result.

Thrive’s Year in Review

In 2021, Thrive grew its presence and global protection reach. In the past year, we:

  •   Onboarded over 100 new customers
  •   Grew NextGen security by over 450%
  •   Protected over 60,000 endpoints
Security Statistics

Increased security threats were felt on a global scale. Here is what we saw at Thrive:

  •   900 security incidents (investigations) per month
  •   30% increase in investigations month-over-month
  •   Overall 30% rise in investigations
Top 3 Investigation Types for 2021:
  1.   Intrusion Prevention
  2.   Intrusion Detection
  3.   Client VPN-related alerts

Thrive ended the year with over 1,200 customers across the US and the UK. With the increased number of high-profile cyber attacks that occurred in 2021, more attention than ever is being focused on risk mitigation and damage remediation to preserve businesses’ customer confidence and public image.

Building a cyber readiness plan that adheres to best practices can be difficult. Thrive’s managed cybersecurity solutions are deployed on its industry-leading cybersecurity platform for comprehensive support that empowers Thrive’s CISSP-certified experts to not only identify problems, but also solve them.

With an Active Remediation approach, Thrive’s security experts are empowered with the access, know-how, and trust to directly mitigate and remediate issues, keeping critical business systems and staff operational. Contact us to help you in 2022.