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Thrive provides the right IT fit for a State Government Agency in Florida

Thrive provides the right IT fit for a State Government Agency in Florida
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A state agency in Florida was saddled with end-of-life, on-premise IT equipment and needed to make a significant capital investment for an upgrade. Replacing the equipment every five years costs nearly half a million dollars and requires staffing that the agency didn’t have. The agency faced either purchasing and refreshing its on-site gear internally or moving to a public/private Cloud solution. The organization maintained two racks of virtual host servers without switches in two separate counties, which experienced power outages and significant downtime during a hurricane.


Thrive worked with the agency on right-sizing its server resources, storage requirements, and point-to-point and Virtual Private Network (VPN) access. Thrive also migrated the agency’s applications and data to a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) solution, which provides resources (vCPU, RAM) and storage tiering as needed, eliminating costly equipment purchases. Thrive’s VMware vCloud Director solution enables the self-provisioning of resources, servers, and storage, making it very easy to adjust as they grow. The locations are pointed to the Thrive hurricane-fortified data center, removing redundant power costs.


As a result of moving to the Cloud, the state agency can scale up or down as needed and have peace of mind that security, resilience and uptime won’t be compromised. Thrive delivered competitive pricing and a rapid timeline with technical guidance every step of the way. The agency also experienced significant cost savings as Thrive turned information technology costs into an operating expense (OpEx) rather than a substantial, upfront capital expense (CapEx).

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