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Thrive and Timlin — A Powerful Combination for Life Sciences Organizations

Thrive and Timlin — A Powerful Combination for Life Sciences Organizations

We are excited to join the Thrive family!

Thrive’s recent acquisition of Timlin Enterprises is a collaboration that’s proving to be a game changer in the Managed Services Provider (MSP) ecosystem – offering an enormous opportunity and value to our customers.

This partnership is powerful and there is no other collaboration like it positively impacting and shaping the MSP landscape. The Timlin solutions added to the deep Thrive portfolio of NextGen managed services becomes an innovative vehicle to collectively create a holistic road map for our customers, which includes strategic discussions about the “big picture” of technology and services our customers depend on to achieve their goals. We understand that IT exists to enable and support the goals of the business, but it is not the driver of technology. Instead, IT contains the resources to help deliver those capabilities effectively over time and adapt to the changing needs of the business and supporting platforms like Microsoft 365.

Prior to this acquisition, our customers often had to choose an IT services provider, but then realize that their vendor lacked the capabilities to provide the business productivity and collaboration support that Timlin is known for delivering. This collaboration enables a pivotal head start for our customers as Thrive is now able to explore our customers’ IT and business needs earlier in the process of aligning with their IT service provider.

With our strong focus on Life Sciences, it is even more apparent that the rapidly changing needs of our customers, as they grow through phases of programs, could create increasing strain on their IT services provider.  A larger organization like Thrive helps to solve these issues with their investment in technology solutions and access to more resources as the customers’ needs and complexity escalates.

Thrive has built an organization focused on the people, process, and technology necessary to execute on the best possible total client experience. With the addition of Timlin, Thrive will be able to help this industry operate more efficiently, from initial Discovery through Product Commercialization and beyond, by leveraging Microsoft 365 to improve processes.

This is a really a great position for our team to be in – the opportunity to get involved with the IT and business needs much earlier in the process as we align with our customers’ IT service provider.  A solution much greater than the sum of its’ parts.

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