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The ‘Real’ Cloud Migration Journey Starts with Readiness

The ‘Real’ Cloud Migration Journey Starts with Readiness

cloudThe Path to the Cloud – Where to Start?

As hybrid IT and multi-cloud strategies become more common, the need to manage cloud services and providers as a portfolio, rather than as stand-alone purchases, becomes obvious.  Organizations need to evaluate their cloud service as cross-functional efficiency investments with a holistic approach to risk mitigation and regulatory compliance.

Microsoft conducted a cloud survey January 2018, polling more than 1,700 respondents:

• Hybrid is common, with a total of 67 percent of respondents now using or planning to deploy a hybrid cloud. Many of those hybrid users have made the move recently, 54 percent of users in the past two years.

Cost drivers, a consistent IT experience, and the ability to scale quickly were all given as important reasons for moving to hybrid cloud.

• Using the cloud for backup and disaster recovery was a key factor for 69 percent of respondents.

According to the survey, 49% of respondents