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The IT Security Skills Gap Is Real: Here’s How to Fix It

The IT Security Skills Gap Is Real: Here’s How to Fix It

Technological advancement has ushered in unparalleled opportunity alongside unprecedented risk. As businesses confront increasingly sophisticated cyber threats, the scarcity of qualified cybersecurity professionals mimics that evolution. In 2023, 54% of organizations experienced a skills shortage in tech. With that, the need for robust cybersecurity measures managed by an equally qualified team has never been more critical.

What Is the IT Security Skills Gap?

The IT security skills gap refers to the disparity between the demand for cybersecurity expertise and the available pool of qualified professionals. Rapid technological advancements constantly create new vulnerabilities, demanding a workforce equipped with up-to-date skills to counter emerging threats. Unfortunately, the pace of skill acquisition often lags behind the evolving threat landscape.

As a business looking to succeed in 2024, it’s imperative the following are performed in-house to mitigate the looming skills gap:

  • Upskilling Your Workforce: Invest in continuous training programs for existing employees. By upskilling your workforce, you empower them to stay updated on the latest cybersecurity trends and techniques to eliminate gaps. 
  • Boosting Employee Retention: Retaining skilled cybersecurity professionals is crucial. Creating a positive work environment, offering career growth opportunities, and acknowledging their contributions through incentives and recognition can bolster retention. 
  • Cultivating a Culture of Security: Fostering cross-departmental collaboration encourages a company-wide emphasis on cybersecurity, establishing a culture of continual learning and collective responsibility. This approach alleviates the burden on the IT department alone, creating an environment where cybersecurity concerns are comprehensively understood and addressed across various departments. Plus, since it’s estimated that 85% or more of breaches are caused by human error, more informed and better-trained employees should lessen the burden on IT staff.
How Thrive Empowers Businesses

While the IT security skills gap presents a daunting challenge, businesses need not face it alone. At Thrive, safeguarding businesses against cyber threats is the core of our mission. Although a skills gap is a threat less ominous than a cyberattack, we understand the importance of a robust team of security professionals. Outsourcing IT or supplementing your existing team with Thrive ensures that the dual threat of fewer resources and more attacks is one you won’t have to worry about. Our comprehensive suite of cybersecurity services ensures your security is taken care of – fortified and always prepared for what’s next.

As an IT outsourcing partner, our 24x7x365 operations ensure there’s no lag in security readiness, giving you a global team of dedicated experts at your disposal. With our ever-evolving service offerings and highly certified professionals proactively combating threats, businesses stay ahead in the cybersecurity game, eliminating the need to play catch-up.

Businesses must work despite the IT skills gap to fortify their digital future. Contact us today to learn more about how Thrive can help.