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The Glass Half-Full

The Glass Half-Full


  • The US Surgeon General recently said 90% of COVID-19 tests have come back negative and only those with exposure or symptoms are being tested, which projects well moving forward.
  • The US has done more testing in the past 8 days than South Korea did in 8 weeks. 27 Million tests are estimated to be available by the end of March in the US.
  • The FDA just approved Plasma Treatment for COVID-19 patients, which has been showing positive results.
  • The US remains 2nd in the world in survival rate at 98.6% among those testing positive with COVID-19. Germany currently leads at 99.45%.
  • Italy reported new cases have dropped 20% on average over the past 3 days after reaching its peak since the 1st reported case roughly 35 days ago.
  • Germany has dropped by 27% on average over the past 4 days after peaking in new cases per day.
  • South Korea has averaged less than 100 new cases per day for the past 2 weeks, after reaching nearly 1,000 per day.
  • Many of China’s businesses are reopening after months of closure.


  • The US Senate agreed upon a $2 Trillion Economic Stimulus Package.
  • The Stock Market had its single best day on Monday, March 24 since 1933. As of 3:55PM on Wednesday, 3/25, the Dow is at 21,249, which is up 16.9% from its three-year low of 18,266 on Monday.
  • Former Fed Chairman, Ben Bernanke, who steered America through our last Economic Crisis in 2008, sees a “Sharp, SHORT Recession in the near term (Q2), FOLLOWED by a quick rebound.” He’s also optimistic about the US Long-Term Economic picture.  His sentiments were echoed by St. Louis Fed President, James Bullard.

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