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The Glass Half-Full

The Glass Half-Full


  • The US Surgeon General recently said 90% of COVID-19 tests have come back negative and only those with exposure or symptoms are being tested, which projects well moving forward.
  • The US has done more testing in the past 8 days than South Korea did in 8 weeks. 27 Million tests are estimated to be available by the end of March in the US.
  • The FDA just approved Plasma Treatment for COVID-19 patients, which has been showing positive results.
  • The US remains 2nd in the world in survival rate at 98.6% among those testing positive with COVID-19. Germany currently leads at 99.45%.
  • Italy reported new cases have dropped 20% on average over the past 3 days after reaching its peak since the 1st reported case roughly 35 days ago.
  • Germany has dropped by 27% on average over the past 4 days after peaking in new cases per day.
  • South Korea has averaged less than 100 new cases per day for the past 2 weeks, after reaching nearly 1,000 per day.
  • Many of China’s businesses are reopening after months of closure.


  • The US Senate agreed upon a $2 Trillion Economic Stimulus Package.
  • The Stock Market had its single best day on Monday, March 24 since 1933. As of 3:55PM on Wednesday, 3/25, the Dow is at 21,249, which is up 16.9% from its three-year low of 18,266 on Monday.
  • Former Fed Chairman, Ben Bernanke, who steered America through our last Economic Crisis in 2008, sees a “Sharp, SHORT Recession in the near term (Q2), FOLLOWED by a quick rebound.” He’s also optimistic about the US Long-Term Economic picture.  His sentiments were echoed by St. Louis Fed President, James Bullard.

Thrive Customer Testimonials

“Your support team has been nothing short of amazing.  We’re now all working 100% remote without a hitch.  On the rare occasion I have had to call in, they do a great job not only fixing the problem, but also patiently walking me through how to prevent it or fix it myself in the future. What a difference from our previous provider.”  FinTech, CEO

“Thank you!!  We appreciate all your great service.”  FinTech, Managing Partner

“Thank goodness we converted to the Cloud allowing us robust remote access with our staff working from home.  Timing couldn’t have been better.  Thank you for making this as smooth as possible.” Managing Partner, Financial Services Firm

“Your support desk has been great at addressing issues and getting fixes installed. Our 100% remote productivity is pretty close to normal. Your effort to convince us to move to the Cloud environment now looks prescient. If we were still using our onsite servers and VPN, our ability to work remotely like this would be severely limited.” CTO, Consulting Firm