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The FBI Warns of Increased Cyber Risks Surrounding the Coronavirus Pandemic

The FBI Warns of Increased Cyber Risks Surrounding the Coronavirus Pandemic

As the world’s population continues to be gripped with fear and anxiety over coronavirus, hackers are taking advantage of the climate to orchestrate a variety of cyber attacks.

The FBI recently issued a public service announcement warning of an increase in these attacks. These not only include email and fraud schemes mentioned in a previous public service announcement, but also attacks on remote desktop and virtual environments, as well as distance learning and education platforms.

“Cyber attackers take advantage of chaos,” advised Brian Walker. “And these unprecedented times can certainly be considered chaotic. These criminals are opportunistic, and they are taking advantage of the current climate to launch a wide assortment of campaigns. We ask our colleagues and clients to be prepared for an increase in scams and attacks.”

Remote environment vulnerabilities

There’s been a dramatic surge of employees working from home for companies with remote capabilities. And you bet cybercriminals are aware.

“For companies scrambling to get the required remote infrastructure set up to enable work-from-home for their employees, care must be taken when selecting software and hardware,” said Aaron Allen. “Only obtain these from trusted sources.”

“Thrive can help you set up your remote environment, as well as manage it and keep it secure against attacks.”

For companies who already have remote work capabilities for their em