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Benefits of Switching to Virtualization

In a business world where it is necessary to implement multiple servers for a variety of different functions, it is very easy for a data center to become overwhelmed with server technology.  When you deploy a server for each business function such as email, customer relationship management, asset management, ERP and more, it increases costs in terms of management and maintenance. It also leaves processing capabilities under-utilized with the server space that is leftover.

So, what are some of the benefits of switching to virtualization

and what is the impact on routine business operations and the economics of a large organization?

Server Virtualization Simplifies IT While Saving Time and Money


The setup process for virtualization takes time in terms of assessment, configuration, testing, and training personnel. However, once server virtualization is in place it can save time and money while simultaneously increasing organization productivity.  IT professionals can troubleshoot from one centralized location and easily copy one server to another instead of being required to change multiple standalone units.

In the area of maintenance, IT personnel can easily perform upgrades, distribute resources to other servers, and easily bring a server down for maintenance and laun