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Ten Types of Computer Networks: An Easy A-Z Guide

Ten Types of Computer Networks: An Easy A-Z Guide

We make connections on networks every day, whether it’s your own network, or someone else’s. Whether visiting your favorite website, downloading a PDF, or printing a document, each requires a network to get you there. But with so many variations, it can become a bit confusing. This simple guide breaks down the ten most popular types of networks, and how they are used.

1. Campus Area Network (CAN)

The network for education.

Found in: Universities, large K-12 school districts.

Used for: Sharing information and resources across several buildings in close proximity to one another.

Consists of: A number of interconnected local area networks (LANs) to increase geographical reach.

2. Enterprise Private Network (EPN)

A companies personal network.

Found in: Various organizations.

Used for: Securely connecting shared computer resources across a number of disparate offices.

Consists of: Infrastructure built and owned by the business using it.

3. Local Area Network (LAN)

The most common type of network

Found in: Medium and large organizations.

Used for: Sharing information and resources within a building or between a group of buildings located near one another.

Consists of: A group of connected computers and low-voltage devices.

4. Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)

Similar to, but larger than, a LAN.

Found in:<