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Talking Tech: Collaboration and Security

Talking Tech: Collaboration and Security

Recently, Thrive’s CISO, Chip Gibbons, and EVP & GM of Microsoft Collaboration, Ryan Thomas, hosted an informative webinar discussing the important topics of security and collaboration.

Discussion included secure external sharing in Microsoft Office programs, the security and governance controls that should be in place in every organization, and how platforms continue to evolve and why it’s important to stay up to date with the latest features and changes.

Below, check out some highlights from this enlightening conversation.

On what’s driving transformation in collaboration:

Ryan: People are looking for efficiency. They have vendors, consultants, and external projects to complete. Sending outdated, antiquated documents back and forth over email and trying to piece the changes back together is difficult. As someone who has been diving into Microsoft Teams for years now, when I have to go back to sending items over email it’s tough.

Chip: Absolutely. I’m sure I’m not the only person who has dealt with this, but starting an email thread can sometimes morph into something completely else, or something that doesn’t have to deal with the original email. This is where Teams and collaboration can shine. With Teams, there’s built-in security that’s already there, because you know who you are collaborating with and doing so in real-time.

Ryan: Right. Email is a tough place to store data and access it. It’s fine to send a message to someone, but when it comes to working on a document or sending one, it becomes difficult to use email. We hear from clients that their vendors and their customers are asking for [collaboration tools], too. It’s not just for internal use, but it’s for external use, too.

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